Learner Driver Terms and Conditions


If you wish to cancel or reschedule your lesson, please ensure to make contact with us as soon as possible. We require notice of at least 24 hours to allow us time to offer your time slot to another student in need and to avoid instructor schedule gaps. If adequate notice is not provided a cancellation fee of half of your lesson may apply.


  1. Lesson packages must be paid in full prior to first lesson.
  2. Lesson packages must be completed within 6 months of purchase.
  3. Lesson packages and any unused lessons from lesson packages are non-refundable.
  4. Lesson packages/gift vouchers expire 6 months after purchase date.

The FREE lesson is offered via the Commonwealth Government program, ‘Keys 2 Drive’. Please visit keys2drive.com.au for eligibility information.


You may request to use your own vehicle for your lesson with your instructor. In doing so, you acknowledge that in the event of an incident occurring, you take full responsibility of all liability and your instructor bears no liability whatsoever. You also acknowledge that you will be liable to compensate your instructor for any costs incurred to them as a result of the incident. (For example: medical bills).


After obtaining your learners licence or if you already hold a driver’s licence (overseas licence holders), you are entrusted to drive on public roads whilst abiding by all mandatory road rules and regulations (for example: mandatory speed signs). Therefore you acknowledge that in the unlikely event of a commiting a traffic offence during your lesson, you, as the responsible driver will be held responsible for the offence. However, as long as you are listening to your instructor and following their advice properly, this is unlikely to occur.